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Call on the Acropolis, and ask the gods to come down
Let’s see what they think we made of their world
Let’s see if Zeus’s lightning will be hurled
Towards us, down upon us
It’s time we had a judgement of our deeds
The way we mangled nature to fullfill our needs
The signs are on our walls, they’re ominous
The way we treat eachother’s murderous

Wednesday I had such a pretty view
Of what a group of looselet humanoids can do
You put them all together in one room
They’ll pluck eachother’s lives in their full bloom
They turned a game of ball into a kill-them-all
I saw it all before, how come it never
Gets to be a bore? Have I to see this more?
Will Wednesdays ever after knock like evil madmen
On our feeble door, have we to see this more?

Call on the Capitol, ask the Hill to explain
How come the man who now lives in the White House
Is just a face to beat us ’round the bush with
A small note in a three letter refrain
It’s time they had a judgement of their deeds
The way they mangled people to fulfil our needs
The Tien An Men shows signs are ominous, and
Death will defeat the murderous

I don’t have to fight them with songs
But I deal my blows and try to excavate their wrongs

So fateful, the Wednesday when the Bushman climbed the Hill
And told the gathered people of his will
I heard the birds fastly scatter, fly away from the Mad Hatter
Maybe they could understand him better
But we have broader view, you see
There is no place to run to