The ugly ones too

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The ugly ones too

If in time we meet again
don’t know where and don’t know when
may not know how and why
for now, goodbye
you’ll do the things that you will try
and they may fly

But here’s what I will do
I will always think of you
Whatever comes along
I’ll work it into song
and to make my dreams come true
but first I’ll

hit the open road
towards the end I see
hope to never reach it
and be all I can be

nice guy if you wish
and if so maybe true
but I won’t forget
to nail the ugly ones too

see, they claim to seek
the prince in you
but the frog
commands the zoo

and it’s only fair
to the girls with real bad hair
to the not so supermodel

rejected by the brothel
those who sit at home, alone
who if you would not get them
might just sink like a stone

embrace the light
you may not be mister right
but you sure as hell can be
what they want you to be

so hit the open road
keep the end in view
hope to never reach it
hold your wits on you

nice guy if you wish
and if so don’t be untrue
but don’t forget
to nail the ugly ones too