Nymph(oid barbarian in dinosaur hell)

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Nymph(oid barbarian in dinosaur hell)

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Cold blue morning, pale grey sky
It must be Sunday, don’t ask me why
And in the bushes by the side of the road
Small desert life slips into morning mode
I feel the wheels of fortune riding with me
Tranquil acquiescence as I ride to the place I’ll never be
As I ride to the place I’ll never see
Look for the dustcloud, that’s where I’ll be
Dark knight in a deep dark night
I trail the voice of liberty

I used to have a ladyfriend of somewhat pale complexion
Now she don’t like the way I’ve led the prophet’s resurrection
She beds the big Neanderthal with the holster on his hip
She lets the slime her mind enthrall, she curves to the cracking of his whip

I hold the key to history, your future in my hand
It’s really easy, you will see, the riddle of the sand
Dream of drugfree loving, fish and play your tee
Do your bit of shoving, but don’t you Kennebunkport me
Say, don’t you Kennebunkport me
I used to be your Captain Kirk – now I deal in firework
That’s right – I deal in firework

Love and understanding, peace and unity
And all the money in the world; and most of it for me
Trips to Brazil, and a licence to kill
If you don’t flunk it, some other guy will
And I’ve been down your street, and up your hill
Pack your bags, leave the barren land
Hold on to your pants, or I’ll fuck you where you stand
When you’ve lost the fleas you haven’t lost the scars
As many of them on you as Tripoli has bars
Yeah, and Tripoli has bars!

So I’ve grown on your tree, and you think that I am nuts
And all this time you are, really, scared of me
‘Cause I invoke your spending cuts
You’ll lose your heart in the wasteland where I dwell
I am the nymphoid barbarian in dinosaur hell