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Some tongue says it’s a bell of dust over town
A French stench, a Dutch dusk, blue turned too brown
I’ve seen it from the Mediterranean, way up in the air
I thought the place had burned down, fell into despair
And one month later failed to notice the trees
Were clad the same shade, no longer aware
Can you believe I could not stop to stare?

Crowds of speeding vehicles and layers of slayersmoke
Are becoming more intensive, it might just be time we croaked
Spit our insides on the table, leave our children here to die
The Lord said: go and multiply – and Lord, we multiplied

I don’t think Belgium’s greatest poet ever really lied
It’s time we turned the heat down if we don’t want to get fried
Which might just be tough on Jekylls who are also Mr. Hyde
We have taken ourselves for a pretty long ride

They’ve got me cornered
Four green eyes in a cool grey kitchen
Their eyes are moving fast
Their fourteen lids keep twitching
I have to scratch my limbs
‘Cause everywhere I’m itching
And they tell me I cause their disease to be
I wish they would only be friendlier to me

“Burn your cities and burn your farms
Your cars, your wives, your children
Send the whole place up in dazzling sparks, but
Try to save your own neck from cutting through itself

There’d be no end to the laughter above you
Around you the multitude of weirdos would astound you
Room to live and rooms to let
You’d hire them? You bet
Your life on your own cook-ups instead”

Our love of life forfeits our living for ourselves
We blame our helplessness and everybody else
We’re bound and yet we claim we are the gods themselves
And lock ourselves away in private padded hells
Our dirt engulfs the globe and punishes the world
That let us run around on it, our petty flags unfurled
We should have been extinguished when our first flame curled