Evoke (awaken mental images acceptable in girl)

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Evoke (awaken mental images acceptable in girl)

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There are no problems, that’s the way it looks at first
You’re happy with a person who can quench your every thirst
Then your mind swivels, she works you with chisels
Of laughter and lust, of the voice and the eyes
How you go down the path you must
Your heart will tell you lies
You must have never forgotten how much guilt lies in your past

Look in her eyes, it hits you at last
All that she was, and more to add
How could you not have expected this?
What’s with your mind? Things are really amiss
It’s her scent, strikes unawares
It’s her eyes, angels fly in pairs
Pass by her door, come back no more
First impressions always last

Oh, but Pebbles, let me make you coffee in the morning
Strong and black, without a warning
There’s nothing quite as beautiful as Pebbles’ eyes at dawn
Her softly broken voice that whispers in between every yawn
Pebbles is it love, Pebbles, is it foolishness
That makes me long so badly to caress you
Press you to my heart?
Let’s forget the past and kinda make a new start
Pebbles, how come I don’t dare to say I love you?
Well I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you
I love you, I love you

Nobody said it is so hard
Just to kill the flames of the heart
Should this pass? They say time will heal
But I never paid, and it’s hot on my heel
And I can’t make my heart see
It rakes havoc over me
The way it looks to me
I will never be that free