Dowsing for two

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Dowsing for two

In crazy rifts of time
I see your spirit wander
If I should squander all
at least it mixes fine with mine

The skies are slowly glowing red
You tear my heart asunder
With every curled-up corner of your smile (of your smile)

I’ve never been this dazed
I never saw that twinkle
I shouldn’t be amazed, this is the star you are

The star you are

The star you are still lights my way
through darker corners than today
And if I found you there
you would still lead me anywhere
it can’t be helped it is your way

Your way’s to blot the darkness out
to be the brightest one about
to light the lost and lonely’s way

and there is nothing that you do
that hasn’t always been in you
it’s just the way the lonely say

the lonely say they’ll follow you
whatever you will make them do
you fill the gap, you make believe

it is the worst form of reprieve

I never guessed this was a desert we could leave
our diving passes under waters that may heave
once below the waves all go they have a different lord to please

where we have none below this sun beneath these hills or in these seas
and this sand I’m holding in my hand is not of time but grander rhyme

All these songs that they once taught us
all these fairy tales that sought us

Are the only thing that stands
between you and me.