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Out of my head, it’s happening
Should see a shrink, must see him soon
I’m far too far for fervent fractures
To chap and chafe my flaking face
To a bit part in a sorry scene
The cusp of a cutlass, a Charteris heart in swoon

A brand new start in a doldrums
Dolman sleeves in a dolly, dollywollywooh
A donatory dolt wrapped up in eidolons
Egad! An encumbrance burns like a bolt
The lager’s done, laggardly laryngoscopy approaches me
Help me

To still the stipend from Happy Ness
My God, if any, she’s a monster
Stigmatize her, be yanked by the heart
Feel freshed, make another start instead, that’d be smart
Ride the caravan of my hungry heart
Carabanzerai with me

Good God, Iglesias must book me
Ban me ’round another bend
And I must now enframe his endogamousness
Enfetter his gland
It is his pretty face that’s gone without a trace
If I ever get close to it

Burn my past, hold me fast
Jump the bloody swallow
Try and hold me from leaving
This barbed wired wallow
Stop me here, then leave me
All my pride to swallow
Take my hand and land me
Back in Crickhollow tomorrow
One drink should drive drunks way away from me