Yoghurt is a rockband from Haarlem, Holland.

It exists since 1986. Originally a fivepiece band, it deals in unique music, comparable to none, but with a firm base in symphonic rock like that of Genesis & Marillion, and progrock bands like King Crimson & Primus.

Both full of humour as well as venom, Yoghurt delivers sharp commentary on the world we live in, and the lives we live in it.

Yoghurt became an inseparable part of Haarlem’s local music scene and, soon, gained notoriety for its unconventional, artistically surprising shows (the visual element being as overpowering as the musical one).

Following the departure of keyboardist Willem Bloem and drummer Nils Mühlenbruch in the mid-nineties of the previous century*, Yoghurt (due in no small part to the refreshing influence of new drummer Willem Barentz, blessed with a healthy interest in the hardrock side of musical life) became a leaner, cleaner machine – ready to play its way into the new millennium.

Now, Yoghurt has just released 2 double-albums: 1 of the first line-up, called ‘Y‘ (containing new, previously unreleased material as well as remasters of older demo-releases), and 1 of the current line up (filled entirely with new material), named ‘Kochfest‘.

Yoghurt lives – in a place near your ears.

*(the former founded a studio in which Yoghurt, until 2007, recorded all its material; the latter decided to pursue his career as a visual artist, and is now a successful veejay)