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Go sit on a faraway stone in the advent of strong suppositions
Leave us alone but never fail to man your positions
If you have the will to, you must spring your mind
Let wander off warlocks and those of their kind

Have you beached yourself down by the Balinese
Flung through the blue in the back with John Cleese
You will know what to poach a prawn simply can mean
If you tangle you up in the coastline bush
In the end you will land in a mountain of cushions
Aeons further up, alineas away; doggone, exstray

Extras for the paperboy that sang so sad in Illinois
Entrees on the table, in death sadly poised
And cutlery that looks so indefinitely clean

Must it then all be thrown away
My mother, who has never bothered to bother
Has just had a hurricane blast by her head
The earthquake is yet to come hard as the other
Yet sweeter the name than it ever has had
Rack you up with a pack and opt out to the outback
See if you believe the slack black story
Bass history is a moving, is a hurting black story

Ever had a loggerhead begging you for crusts of bread?
Your onomastics, by the way, would go berserk on that
And if you’ve never had the Everest for breakfast
Then it’s time that you did

There’s better things to do than what you do
‘Cause you just sit and cultivate your heammorrhoids
And play with all your worldly toys
But come the day of judgement, you’re no more than just a noise

I’ve heard the noise of the wind through the ashes
On the side of volcanoes that left their great gashes
Embedded in earth that had never seen worse
And the minds of the folk that must
Live with the curse of hereditary rectilinearity
Familiarity with pigdom comes as no surprise
If you have seen the water behind the dam rise

And so I feel I’m better off for what I have been through
And contrary to how you feel, the same is there for you
It takes a voidness of the mind to have yourself come up with money
But after that you’re on your way to stranger milk than honey – hit it!